Sports Therapy:

Athletes, whether they are 2 legged or 4 legged, work under enormous pressure to succeed at their chosen discipline. Soft tissue injury and muscle tension are part and parcel of pushing the body to its physical extremes. Sports therapy exists to help prevent injury by ensuring muscles are supple and fit. Sports therapy also helps to heal torn muscle, remove muscle spasm and to enable the body to work at optimum performance.

Human athletes can request help. Horses and dogs, due to their nature and temperament, are extremely efficient at disguising muscle injury, thus after the initial pull or tear, you may well be hard pushed to spot a problem when it occurs.

It could be up to 3 months later when the animals performance deteriorates, or the animal becomes lame/one sided/difficult. This will then result in veterinary intervention and a lengthy break from training or competing while the problem is resolved.

Regular sports therapy treatment while the animal is in training gives us, the therapists a better chance of spotting problems before they occur, thus dealing with the problem immediately before it becomes a costly injury.

Kinesio taping can now be added to your sports therapy treatment. It is a highly effective tool to use alongside sports therapy, or in its own right. It is used to treat acute and chronic pain, muscle imbalance, postural insufficiency and fascial adhesion and scars. Please ring to request an assesment.

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